Because of its numerous advantages today aluminium is preferred over other materials like wood for fabrication and installation of doors and windows. It is important to have the appropriate kind of windows and doors for proper ventilation and for the completion of the overall structure of a house.

Premium quality aluminium from trusted aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar have to be purchased for ensuring long lasting fabrication work. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, moisture, high UV rays and other wear and tear. They are durable and are light in weight. Being a versatile material it is a favourite material of designers and constructors. It can also be easily fabricated. With aluminium you can make windows and doors which are not only functional but are also exceptional and unique. Doors and windows can be designed and installed in several textures, finishes, colours, size etc. They will improve the look of your home.

In order to do the work in the perfect way it is important to choose the most efficient aluminium and glass company in Qatar. Al Daffa the first choice when it come to aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar can do the fabrication and installation of aluminium doors and windows in a remarkable and excellent way. Today we are the number one aluminium and glass company in Qatar.

New Trends in doors and windows using aluminium is discussed below:
Diverse colours for doors and windows

Modern day trends include experimenting with various colour combinations. Different colours according to the interior and exterior designs of the house can be chosen to give the house an attractive look. Colours can be incorporated easily into aluminium materials. Precise finishes can be obtained in aluminium by using metallic and other solid colours. You can either use different colours for doors and windows of different rooms or you can mix different colours in a single door and window. Powder coating can easily be done on aluminium making it possible to use numerous varieties of elegant colours.

Larger doors and windows

Today doors and windows which are larger and bigger are opted by many. They make any place look stylish and fashionable and will also allow good ventilation. Air gets easily circulated and adequate natural lighting is also received by choosing big windows and doors.

Aluminium glass sliding door and windows

Choosing this would make your room look deeper and spacious. Hinges are not required for this and they can be easily installed and will bring in lighting to any area making the place look aesthetic and appealing. These can be installed in any room. Sliding doors can also be used as partitions for different rooms.

Aluminium casement windows and doors

Even though it is a design which have been used widely in the past it is still trending because of its utility. They are supported on hinges and are durable and sound proof. They can be opened either inwards or outwards and they allow proper airflow inside any space.

Slim line aluminium doors and windows

For a contemporary look slim line designs are a great choice for doors and windows. They can be installed with different edge options. They are robust and are attractive allowing light penetration into the space. Lock mechanisms can be incorporated into this easily giving the highest level of safety and security.

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