How to Make Your Offices Eye Catching? With Glass Partitions

Want to partition a space while maintaining its open, breezy appearance? Glass partitions works in Qatar offer excellent glass walls that divide rooms in a useful way while also adding visual appeal. By allowing light and vision through, they also create a sense of continuity.

These adaptable and stunning glass walls play with light and shapes, from vintage translucent lights to vivid decorative panels. Here let’s see spellbound ideas of creating office spaces eye-catching with glass partitions.

What are Glass Office Partitions?

When you need to divide a room while maintaining light and crew visibility, glass office dividers are an excellent option. They enable distinct sections or rooms to be established without affecting performance where privacy is desired while also contributing to the creation of a linked, dynamic environment where natural light can flow freely.

Glass door supplier in Qatar offer glass partitions that can be used to improve soundproofing in rooms or portions of an office without sacrificing visibility or light transference. They are available with single- or double-glazed units and modern frameless designs.

Types of Glass Partitions to be Used in the Office:
  • Glass Walls

Glass partitions are a traditional technique to separate work areas and offer your office a very contemporary and sophisticated feel.

Glass partitions, however, offer benefits beyond just improving a workspace’s aesthetics. They also offer a number of additional advantages, like letting in more natural light and making the space feel larger.

  •  Soundproof Glass

Probably one of your office spaces, like a conference room where you don’t want meetings overheard, needs a little bit extra seclusion. In that case, soundproof glass is the best option.

It helps to ensure confidentiality while still establishing an open workspace. You can soundproof a room to whatever degree that you like.

  • Privacy Glass

Another particular kind of glass wall that you may use to update your office is this one. Glass used for privacy purposes can either be less transparent than regular glass or have an opaque portion to entirely block views.

By placing your logo on the transparent or opaque parts, you may advance your branding efforts while reducing office distractions.

  • Portable Partitions

Another sort of glass partition you can place in your office area are portable partitions. Glass partitions that are portable can be moved to any location because they are equipped with rollers.

If you need something temporary with the most flexibility possible for your office, these partitions might be the solution. If necessary, sound-absorbing glass can also be used to create these barriers, which will act as a sound barrier between various spaces.

Al Daffa: Bespoke to Your Style

Looking for the best glass works in Qatar? Al Daffa is at your service. It’s excellent that you already know what you want for your company. At Al Daffa, we aim to support you in putting your vision into action exactly as you envision it. Any type of office glass partitions works in Qatar you could be looking for is certain to be available in our store.


Why Should You Choose Aluminium Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are major parts of any building structure. They connect the indoors with the outdoors and makes way for air and light. There are different materials which you can choose for constructing the doors and windows. Among the different materials aluminium is the favourite of everyone including the architects. They are functional as well as can enhance the look of any space. Aluminium has many properties which makes it a great choice. Al Daffa Aluminium Qatar one of the leading aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar uses top quality material for fabrication. We are not only renowned as one of the best aluminium fabrication companies in Qatar but also the finest company for glass works in Qatar.

Less Maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors do not require high level maintenance. They are easy to clean and there is no need of specialist cleaning product or equipment to clean it. Good quality aluminium installed properly does not need fixing or occasional repair like other materials. As one amongst the top aluminium fabrication companies in Qatar, Al Daffa only uses good quality material for all the works.


Aluminium materials are long lasting and durable. Aluminium can withstand extreme temperature. Unlike materials such as wood which can get destroyed by termites, aluminium cannot be damaged by termites. Also aluminium does not corrode or rust. They are also strong and robust.

Custom Made

You can easily custom make the windows and doors as per your wish using aluminium. Colours can be chosen as per your building interior and finishes can also be selected. You can attain a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality using aluminium materials.

Cost Effective

Aluminium windows and doors are a cost effective option. You can custom make them at very less cost. They are durable and strong and give the best value of the product. The return of investment you get from it when compared to other products is high.

Eco friendly

Aluminium is a sustainable option. It is eco friendly since it can be recycled and reused. Also while recycling, it does not use much energy making it an energy efficient option.

Sound insulation

Aluminium provides the best protection from external noise and sounds. They keep away the harsh noise from entering into the room and give you the much needed peace for work, study or rest.


Aluminium doors and windows can be designed to complement any space and improve the aesthetics of a space. It can be made with different specifications. There are different types of aluminium doors and windows. They can be made either in traditional style or contemporary style as per the wish of the client and the structure of the building. They are sure to make the space look more attractive and appealing.

Light Weight

Being light in weight aluminium is the perfect choice for windows and doors. It can be easily constructed and custom made. They can also be handled conveniently and easily.

Get in touch with Al Daffa, if you are looking for the best aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar or for the best company for glass works in Qatar.


Future of UPVC windows

Today, UPVC windows and doors are acclaimed as the future for green constructions. It is considered as one of the best alternatives to wood for making of doors, windows and furniture. With the new initiative all around us to save the earth, property developers have also joined hands. And hence, the introduction of UVPC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) doors and windows as the part to build properties which are green certified and will go along with the green constructions. UPVC doors and windows are free of lead and other hazardous substances which makes it the best against cutting trees to make doors, windows and furniture. Al Daffa aluminium, has been recognized as the best UPVC fabrication company in Qatar to join the green construction with trustworthy materials.

UPVC doors and windows are successfully replacing the wood and traditional materials used for homes, hospitals, offices and other infrastructure projects. Speeding urbanization, changing lifestyle, government initiatives increased need for infrastructure has paved way for crowning of the UPVC windows and doors. As a reliable UPVC fabrication company in Qatar, we believe that UPVC will further root its position in the future for its appreciable merits.

Benefits of UPVC

In terms of functionality, UPVC withholds number of benefits which includes thermal insulation, sound resistance, water tightness, great look and appearance with long term durability and minimal maintenance. And thereby, UPVC is revolutionary in different fields like for architects, builders, fabricators, and consultants.

UPVC are capable enough to tolerate high velocity winds, indeed ensuring improved high security, also providing protection from corrosion, rust, or rot. It will enjoy dis colouration, weathering for a long period of time. It helps to cut electricity bills up to 30% and is also lead free making it an eco friendly option. There is now an experiencing level of increase in the entrepreneurs in the UPVC fabrication business and also fabricators switching to UPVC as their primary material for fabrication.

Merits of UPVC window and doors

Even though UPVC windows, doors and external facias typically come in white, while today’s manufacturers have upgraded themselves with flexibility. UPVC windows and doors are now more customizable with a series of colours, shapes, styles and imitation effects such as wood grains.


UPVC windows and doors are flexible for developments to ensure high security. They serve expectation with an ultra light but strong frame, used in conjunctions with different locking designs and a double glazed pane of glass to prevent easy breaking.


UPVC is a low conductor of heat resulting to minimize the heat loss and impact the warmth and window energy rating of your home.

Low maintenance

UPVC is a low maintenance material which can last for decades without regular sanding, varnishing, and repainting. It only requires a wipe down clean with soapy water to prevent stain and remove grim or dirt.


With various style configuration offered by UPVC windows provides an efficient ventilation system for appreciable airflow into a room.

Eco friendly

UPVC are majorly made of recyclable materials to sustain minimal long term impact on the environment, with an increase in lifespan of UPVC from 40 to 80 years.

Sound proofing

Combination of UPVC material works with double gazed window panels decrease infiltration of noise.

Fire retardant

UPVC materials adhere to fire safety protected as the material will keep primary route open for 30 minutes during dire accidents.

best aluminium doors and windows company in Qatar

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminium Window Frames

When you maintain your house with spotless floors and dust free mattresses, shiny bathrooms with utmost cleanliness and hygiene, did you leave out your aluminium windows? As every corner of your home needs to be cleaned, aluminium windows should also be taken care of, otherwise you will risk with chances to replace it soon and that could empty your pockets. It is always better to take care of it than to spend on curing the damage. As one of the best aluminium doors and windows company in Qatar, Al Daffa Aluminium Qatar recommends to clean your aluminium windows regularly for a longer run.

Windows and doors are much sensitive and in direct contact with air, dust, rain, sunlight etc and hence they are prone to early damage. But a good maintenance can extend their lifespan. Our team has build us into the best acknowledged aluminium doors and windows company in Qatar and thereby we are entrusted for better customer satisfaction. Being expertized in aluminium doors and windows, we feel responsible to make you aware on how to maintain your aluminium window frames from being damaged soon and will be forced to get replaced.

How to maintain powder coated aluminium window frames?

To ensure longer working of aluminium window frames it needs to be regularly cleaned. The methods to clean the aluminium window frames varies depending on the coating or the finish and also the age of it. The older window frames and those without a painted finish needs more vigorous cleaning while newly powder coated aluminium window frames may require much less hard cleaning.

Before knowing how to clean power coated aluminium window frames, let us know what is powder coating.

Powder coating like any other regular painting but the process is different. It is painted electrically and then the section is placed in an oven to bake and finish. Powder coated aluminium is seamless, hard wearing and also easy to handle. It gives a high quality finish, which is durable and resistant to corrosion . It also has large choice of colours to match your property.

Powder coated aluminium windows needs to be cleaned on the basis of the climate conditions it bears. It needs to be cleaned around every 6 months, if your house is located in a rural environment. While, the powder coated aluminium windows need cleaning once every 3 months if you live in the city or near the beach or sea.

Checklist when you clean your power coated aluminium windows:
  • Use non abrasive detergent and lukewarm water to not damage the coating.
  • A soft cloth or a nylon bristle pipe cleaners to wipe the surface clean.
  • You can use a greese of the elbow variety which guaranteed of getting rid of the stubborn dust and dirt,
  • Also it crucial that you ensure to clean the hidden areas by closing the windows as the debris accumulated here can lead to issues with drainage of the window.
  • Make sure to wipe off with another clean and dried cloth to leave the window dry after cleaning it to give a sparkled finish again.

Any purchase to be cost effective it should function for a long run and that it ensured by carefully maintaining it. Al Daffa Aluminium Qatar, the best well-known aluminium doors, windows and glass company in Qatar provides the best power coated aluminium window frames and also guides you to maintain it enjoy a clean home.


Aluminium Doors and Windows, the New Trend In Home Design

Because of its numerous advantages today aluminium is preferred over other materials like wood for fabrication and installation of doors and windows. It is important to have the appropriate kind of windows and doors for proper ventilation and for the completion of the overall structure of a house.

Premium quality aluminium from trusted aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar have to be purchased for ensuring long lasting fabrication work. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, moisture, high UV rays and other wear and tear. They are durable and are light in weight. Being a versatile material it is a favourite material of designers and constructors. It can also be easily fabricated. With aluminium you can make windows and doors which are not only functional but are also exceptional and unique. Doors and windows can be designed and installed in several textures, finishes, colours, size etc. They will improve the look of your home.

In order to do the work in the perfect way it is important to choose the most efficient aluminium and glass company in Qatar. Al Daffa the first choice when it come to aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar can do the fabrication and installation of aluminium doors and windows in a remarkable and excellent way. Today we are the number one aluminium and glass company in Qatar.

New Trends in doors and windows using aluminium is discussed below:
Diverse colours for doors and windows

Modern day trends include experimenting with various colour combinations. Different colours according to the interior and exterior designs of the house can be chosen to give the house an attractive look. Colours can be incorporated easily into aluminium materials. Precise finishes can be obtained in aluminium by using metallic and other solid colours. You can either use different colours for doors and windows of different rooms or you can mix different colours in a single door and window. Powder coating can easily be done on aluminium making it possible to use numerous varieties of elegant colours.

Larger doors and windows

Today doors and windows which are larger and bigger are opted by many. They make any place look stylish and fashionable and will also allow good ventilation. Air gets easily circulated and adequate natural lighting is also received by choosing big windows and doors.

Aluminium glass sliding door and windows

Choosing this would make your room look deeper and spacious. Hinges are not required for this and they can be easily installed and will bring in lighting to any area making the place look aesthetic and appealing. These can be installed in any room. Sliding doors can also be used as partitions for different rooms.

Aluminium casement windows and doors

Even though it is a design which have been used widely in the past it is still trending because of its utility. They are supported on hinges and are durable and sound proof. They can be opened either inwards or outwards and they allow proper airflow inside any space.

Slim line aluminium doors and windows

For a contemporary look slim line designs are a great choice for doors and windows. They can be installed with different edge options. They are robust and are attractive allowing light penetration into the space. Lock mechanisms can be incorporated into this easily giving the highest level of safety and security.

If you are looking for aluminium window or glass door supplier in Qatar, then contact Al Daffa, the best aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar.


Why UPVC is Better Than Aluminum and Wood?

The windows of your home have multiple purposes apart from just providing a beautiful view and ventilation. Interestingly, there are so many options in windows materials too. Each of these materials have their particular role to play, complete with pros and cons. You can choose Doha UPVC windows & doors for your home because it is one of the best options around. In this blog, let’s examine the benefits of choosing UPVC over other materials, mainly aluminium and wood and how our UPVC fabrication company in Qatar can help you.

Benefits of getting Doha UPVC windows & doors

UPVC windows are really superb with thermal insulation of their own. Which means they are going to keep your home warm in the cold winter months and cool in the hot summer months. UPVC is a great material that can withstand extreme weather conditions, when you buy from the UPVC fabrication company in Qatar, you can ensure the quality of the materials with which they are made.

1. They are energy efficient

Made from environment-friendly materials, Doha UPVC doors & windows are environment friendly and energy efficient. When you install them at your house, you can enjoy reduced utility bills, lower greenhouse emissions, and even boast that you are doing your bit for the environment

2. Outperforms aluminium in many ways

UPVC outperforms aluminium in thermal efficiency and the material has less chances of condensation. The plastic material in UPVC will adjust the room’s temperature much faster than other materials, making it a good choice for Doha UPVC windows & doors. However, UPVC is a bad conductor of heat, and an excellent insulator. This is because UPVC has a multi-chambered design with welded corners, and you won’t have it that way with aluminium.

3. More costly than other materials, but worth it

Aluminium is cheaper than UPVC, but Qatar UPVC definitely has that incredibly beautiful sleek, premium look that you would want to have for your homes. It lends a certain level of sophistication, but yes, the material could be slightly costlier than aluminium or plastic, but worth the expense.

4. Secure and theft-proof

Doha UPVC windows & doors come with galvanized steel reinforcements and they have a multi-point locking system making it hard for thieves to break open. However, it is important to enlist the services of expert technicians because these have to be installed correctly or the locking system might not work.

6. Excellent maintenance and durability

Doha UPVC windows & doors have amazing durability. They don’t rust, nor do they get scratched or peeled like aluminium. Insects don’t chew on them like wood, and they don’t get shrunk or expanded when the weather gets hot or cold. UPVC can withstand humidity, oxidation, rain, wind and high temperatures.

7. An eco-friendly option

UPVC can last really long, about 60-80 years. So that means, you don’t have to sand, paint or replace them for several years. Once installed in your home, Doha UPVC windows & doors will aesthetically adorn your home for a long time. That means, less carbon footprint, so you are doing your bit for the environment.


If you are looking for a reliable UPVC fabrication company in Qatar, you have come to the right place. The company houses some of the best designs adding to the aesthetic appeal of your homes. Doha UPVC windows & doors have stunning designs and styles that you would love to explore and experiment. Get ready to transform your home and make it awesomely beautiful!

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