Today, UPVC windows and doors are acclaimed as the future for green constructions. It is considered as one of the best alternatives to wood for making of doors, windows and furniture. With the new initiative all around us to save the earth, property developers have also joined hands. And hence, the introduction of UVPC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) doors and windows as the part to build properties which are green certified and will go along with the green constructions. UPVC doors and windows are free of lead and other hazardous substances which makes it the best against cutting trees to make doors, windows and furniture. Al Daffa aluminium, has been recognized as the best UPVC fabrication company in Qatar to join the green construction with trustworthy materials.

UPVC doors and windows are successfully replacing the wood and traditional materials used for homes, hospitals, offices and other infrastructure projects. Speeding urbanization, changing lifestyle, government initiatives increased need for infrastructure has paved way for crowning of the UPVC windows and doors. As a reliable UPVC fabrication company in Qatar, we believe that UPVC will further root its position in the future for its appreciable merits.

Benefits of UPVC

In terms of functionality, UPVC withholds number of benefits which includes thermal insulation, sound resistance, water tightness, great look and appearance with long term durability and minimal maintenance. And thereby, UPVC is revolutionary in different fields like for architects, builders, fabricators, and consultants.

UPVC are capable enough to tolerate high velocity winds, indeed ensuring improved high security, also providing protection from corrosion, rust, or rot. It will enjoy dis colouration, weathering for a long period of time. It helps to cut electricity bills up to 30% and is also lead free making it an eco friendly option. There is now an experiencing level of increase in the entrepreneurs in the UPVC fabrication business and also fabricators switching to UPVC as their primary material for fabrication.

Merits of UPVC window and doors

Even though UPVC windows, doors and external facias typically come in white, while today’s manufacturers have upgraded themselves with flexibility. UPVC windows and doors are now more customizable with a series of colours, shapes, styles and imitation effects such as wood grains.


UPVC windows and doors are flexible for developments to ensure high security. They serve expectation with an ultra light but strong frame, used in conjunctions with different locking designs and a double glazed pane of glass to prevent easy breaking.


UPVC is a low conductor of heat resulting to minimize the heat loss and impact the warmth and window energy rating of your home.

Low maintenance

UPVC is a low maintenance material which can last for decades without regular sanding, varnishing, and repainting. It only requires a wipe down clean with soapy water to prevent stain and remove grim or dirt.


With various style configuration offered by UPVC windows provides an efficient ventilation system for appreciable airflow into a room.

Eco friendly

UPVC are majorly made of recyclable materials to sustain minimal long term impact on the environment, with an increase in lifespan of UPVC from 40 to 80 years.

Sound proofing

Combination of UPVC material works with double gazed window panels decrease infiltration of noise.

Fire retardant

UPVC materials adhere to fire safety protected as the material will keep primary route open for 30 minutes during dire accidents.

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