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When you maintain your house with spotless floors and dust free mattresses, shiny bathrooms with utmost cleanliness and hygiene, did you leave out your aluminium windows? As every corner of your home needs to be cleaned, aluminium windows should also be taken care of, otherwise you will risk with chances to replace it soon and that could empty your pockets. It is always better to take care of it than to spend on curing the damage. As one of the best aluminium doors and windows company in Qatar, Al Daffa Aluminium Qatar recommends to clean your aluminium windows regularly for a longer run.

Windows and doors are much sensitive and in direct contact with air, dust, rain, sunlight etc and hence they are prone to early damage. But a good maintenance can extend their lifespan. Our team has build us into the best acknowledged aluminium doors and windows company in Qatar and thereby we are entrusted for better customer satisfaction. Being expertized in aluminium doors and windows, we feel responsible to make you aware on how to maintain your aluminium window frames from being damaged soon and will be forced to get replaced.

How to maintain powder coated aluminium window frames?

To ensure longer working of aluminium window frames it needs to be regularly cleaned. The methods to clean the aluminium window frames varies depending on the coating or the finish and also the age of it. The older window frames and those without a painted finish needs more vigorous cleaning while newly powder coated aluminium window frames may require much less hard cleaning.

Before knowing how to clean power coated aluminium window frames, let us know what is powder coating.

Powder coating like any other regular painting but the process is different. It is painted electrically and then the section is placed in an oven to bake and finish. Powder coated aluminium is seamless, hard wearing and also easy to handle. It gives a high quality finish, which is durable and resistant to corrosion . It also has large choice of colours to match your property.

Powder coated aluminium windows needs to be cleaned on the basis of the climate conditions it bears. It needs to be cleaned around every 6 months, if your house is located in a rural environment. While, the powder coated aluminium windows need cleaning once every 3 months if you live in the city or near the beach or sea.

Checklist when you clean your power coated aluminium windows:
  • Use non abrasive detergent and lukewarm water to not damage the coating.
  • A soft cloth or a nylon bristle pipe cleaners to wipe the surface clean.
  • You can use a greese of the elbow variety which guaranteed of getting rid of the stubborn dust and dirt,
  • Also it crucial that you ensure to clean the hidden areas by closing the windows as the debris accumulated here can lead to issues with drainage of the window.
  • Make sure to wipe off with another clean and dried cloth to leave the window dry after cleaning it to give a sparkled finish again.

Any purchase to be cost effective it should function for a long run and that it ensured by carefully maintaining it. Al Daffa Aluminium Qatar, the best well-known aluminium doors, windows and glass company in Qatar provides the best power coated aluminium window frames and also guides you to maintain it enjoy a clean home.

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