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A glass partition wall is a type of internal wall structure that is mostly built of glass or a glass substitute. Glass panels are combined with metal frame, channel, and/or clamps to produce non-load-bearing walls that may be used as office separators, bathroom partition walls, glass wall systems, and other applications.

Glass has been used for various purposes in constructions. They are widely used for constructing windows, doors and partitions. Because of its many benefits glass is a favorite material among architects and builders. Glass doors and partitions not only provide divisions of space but also help in optimum spread of natural light. They are also affordable. They can be used in domestic as well as commercial places. In offices they not only provide enough light but also help in maximizing the occupancy of space. Durable and resistant to fumes they can be installed anywhere. You can dismantle glass doors and partitions from one place and arrange it in another place. Portable glass partitions are suitable when you plan to change a layout or when you shift to a new place.

Glass works are UV and heat resistant. High quality glass materials are less prone to damages like discoloration, cracks etc. Stable on different temperature they also do not get damaged by water, dust or air. Light in weight they can easily be constructed into your desired shape. Glass work requires low maintenance and care. They are also sound proof giving you privacy and a comfortable environment.

Al Daffa provides first class glass partitions work in Qatar. With the aim of meeting customers’ specific needs, we undertake all types of glass works in Qatar. We offer superior quality glasswork with finest finish. Our professional team provides cutting edge advanced building technologies. Our glass works are cost-effective, custom made and reliable. We assure high end materials with 100% customer satisfaction.

For all your requirements regarding glass works in Qatar contact Al Daffa the topmost glass door supplier in Qatar.


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As the trusted glass door supplier in Qatar, we use high quality toughened glass for glass partitions. The grade will depend on the room it is installed in, among other factors.
Glass partitions must be fixed by professionals with excellent experience at the glass partitions works in Qatar. There will be a pre-fixed frame and the glass panels will be mounted on the symmetrical install tracks, both at the top and bottom. There will be a setting block, and the glass will be slided in, first at the top and then the bottom. Next, a clip copolymer strip will be placed between the glass panels. This will be followed by a roll-in rubber gasket to help secure the glass. Once fitted, the technicians will check for its fitting before leaving.
Glass partitions are a great option when you want to offer the feeling of additional space, but don’t need a solid wall in between. The modernity and beauty it offers certainly enhances the room, making it look elegant, sleek and simple. Glass partitions from the best glass door supplier in Qatar will offer luminosity into the rooms, making it sufficiently lighted enough.
The glass partitions from the glass works in Qatar will be highly performant. The ideal glass thickness can be either 10mm or 12mm. For transparent office partitions, the thickness can vary between 8-20 mm. The thickness varies according to the application.
The glass partition options are chosen with their purpose in mind. If you are in a busy environment, like where you have a lot of foot traffic, and other noises, say, an office, choose acoustic glass partitions. You can also go for frosted glass to reduce visibility, laminated glass, fire-rated glass, standard glass doors, framed glass doors, tinted glass among other options.
We cut out the main portion of the door, so the rest of the portion supports the weight of the glass. We will prepare the exterior portion and measure it. Then we will mark the cutting area, and remove the tape and the debris. The new glass will be installed and attached to the interior frame.
There are different options in glass partitions, based on their purpose and performance at the glass partitions works in Qatar. You can choose from among Acoustic Glass Partitions, Laminated Glass Partitions, Ceramic or Fire-Rated Glass Partitions, Specialist Glass Partitions, Decorative Glass Partitions, Strained Glass, Triplex Glass and Tinted Glass.
The glass partition installation will take about 2-4 days to finish. Contact our customer representative to know the exact time, as it would vary depending on the area and material used.
Frameless glass partitions have minimal framing and they are installed by creating a thick glass plate. Because of their design advantage, they allow for more natural light. Check out your options at the glass door supplier in Qatar to know more.
You can get in touch with us to know more about the glass partitions that we have. One of our representatives will visit your location to check the area and space. We will suggest the right kind of glass partition, based on your requirement, and give you an estimate based on which you can decide when you want the installation done.
If your door is in good shape, we can add the glass to it. It is the quickest way of changing the look of your entryway, and quite cost-effective too.
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