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UPVC, or Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a popular window and door material all around the world.

have, on the other hand, been present for a long time. They are frequently utilized due to their unique attribute of blending beauty and performance.

Al Daffa the leading aluminum and glass company in Qatar provide essential and efficient service in the field of installation and fabrication. We are also one of the best UPVC companies in Qatar. The major materials which we use for our work are glass, UPVC and aluminum. All our materials are of superior quality. We follow a standard process for our entire work. Delivering outstanding work on time is our distinguishing factor. We use advanced and innovative technology for carrying out our work.

Benefits of UPVC windows and doors:

  • High quality UPVC materials are fire retardants.
  • They do not support fire or cause fire.
  • Low maintenance
  • Offers safety and security
  • They do not corrode
  • Termite and mould resistant
  • They can block out external noises
  • Can be custom made according to different requirements and specifications
  • They are built to withstand water stagnation or water leakage
  • They are UV resistant and does not absorb heat

Benefits of aluminium and glass installations:

  • Low maintenance
  • They are durable and strong
  • Attractive and elegant
  • Glass is resistant to corrosion. Good quality aluminium materials are also less likely to corrode.
  • Sound proof
  • Can be easily installed
  • Can be custom made according to different requirements

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Contrary to some beliefs, Aluminium windows and doors are very strong and secure, but you should get them from the best aluminium and Glass Company in Qatar to ensure the quality of the doors.
Yes, aluminium glazing is thermally efficient, so they are designed specifically to prevent heat transfer. Save a great deal on utility bills because the glazing can reflect the heat back into the atmosphere and minimise interior heat. The rooms will be fairly cooler during the summer. Get your aluminium glazing from one of the best UPVC companies in Qatar to ensure quality of work.
Yes, aluminium frames can be recycled without much loss of quality, and they do not degrade during the process.
Aluminium is a very strong material for doors and windows. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, and will not warp or rot like other materials. Aluminums is hard to dent too because it has an impressive strength to weight ratio. Ensure you buy from a reputed Aluminium and Glass Company in Qatar.
Yes, it is very easy to install aluminium windows, and would take about 30-45 minutes to install one window.
In general, an aluminium window would need hardware like sash lock, top rail, bottom rail, stile, munition, pane, head jamb, stool, lower sash, upper sash and interior casting. The hardware for the doors would depend on the kind of door you are installing. However, as a reputed aluminium and Glass Company in Qatar, we use high quality UPVC materials that are corrosion resistant and durable.
A representative from our company will be with you to discuss your needs. With your input, the person would be able to show you the latest trends and styles in aluminium doors and windows, and help you choose a style that’s best suited for your property. We constantly research market needs, and are fully equipped to install the latest styles.
UPVC is a great material to choose for doors and windows because they are durable, corrosion resistant and don’t need any kind of painting, repainting, sanding or varnishing to maintain their look. The material doesn't bend, peel or wrap when exposed to sun. The doors and windows can last for years, and still look good.
UPVC windows provide excellent thermal insulation. Your home will feel much cooler in the summer and warmer during the winters. And with the added advantage of reduced utility bills.
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