Doors and windows are major parts of any building structure. They connect the indoors with the outdoors and makes way for air and light. There are different materials which you can choose for constructing the doors and windows. Among the different materials aluminium is the favourite of everyone including the architects. They are functional as well as can enhance the look of any space. Aluminium has many properties which makes it a great choice. Al Daffa Aluminium Qatar one of the leading aluminium doors and windows companies in Qatar uses top quality material for fabrication. We are not only renowned as one of the best aluminium fabrication companies in Qatar but also the finest company for glass works in Qatar.

Less Maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors do not require high level maintenance. They are easy to clean and there is no need of specialist cleaning product or equipment to clean it. Good quality aluminium installed properly does not need fixing or occasional repair like other materials. As one amongst the top aluminium fabrication companies in Qatar, Al Daffa only uses good quality material for all the works.


Aluminium materials are long lasting and durable. Aluminium can withstand extreme temperature. Unlike materials such as wood which can get destroyed by termites, aluminium cannot be damaged by termites. Also aluminium does not corrode or rust. They are also strong and robust.

Custom Made

You can easily custom make the windows and doors as per your wish using aluminium. Colours can be chosen as per your building interior and finishes can also be selected. You can attain a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality using aluminium materials.

Cost Effective

Aluminium windows and doors are a cost effective option. You can custom make them at very less cost. They are durable and strong and give the best value of the product. The return of investment you get from it when compared to other products is high.

Eco friendly

Aluminium is a sustainable option. It is eco friendly since it can be recycled and reused. Also while recycling, it does not use much energy making it an energy efficient option.

Sound insulation

Aluminium provides the best protection from external noise and sounds. They keep away the harsh noise from entering into the room and give you the much needed peace for work, study or rest.


Aluminium doors and windows can be designed to complement any space and improve the aesthetics of a space. It can be made with different specifications. There are different types of aluminium doors and windows. They can be made either in traditional style or contemporary style as per the wish of the client and the structure of the building. They are sure to make the space look more attractive and appealing.

Light Weight

Being light in weight aluminium is the perfect choice for windows and doors. It can be easily constructed and custom made. They can also be handled conveniently and easily.

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